16.If you had the opportunity to change your subject, what would you do with it?

Every subject has its own reason to exist, since I chose a subject, that I like the subject. If no particular reason, I will not turn subject.

17.What are yours pare time interests?

I like reading ,especially detective novels.Besides I like traveling, swimming and so on.

18.Where have you been traveling to?Which place interested you most?

I’ve travelled to Tibet.the culture. The blue sky or the Mount Everest. It's hard to express in words. it's shocking.

19.What kind of differences in the system of higher education between China and other countries?

In foreign countries, especially developed countries, they stress creativity and curiosity and encourage students to develop their own ideas. But here in china, we put less emphasis on creativity and the practice that college students perform is less.

20.Do you think you will be able to cope with English-demands of your intended study program?

Certainly, with my customary diligence, I am fully confident of meeting the language demands that come with the program.

21.What difficulties do you think you'll encounter in your studies?

Because everyone is the greatest enemy for himself, only beyond ourselves can we achieve greater progress. No matter what kind of difficulties encountered, I have to be smoothly done or easily solved.

22.Why did you choose our university?

Because I think our university is top 3 in our country,it has excellent teachers and teaching resources in the major that I applied for, I believe I can learn a lot.

23.If there were an opportunity of studying abroad, what would you do?

I think I’m always willing to go to different places to visit or study, so if there were an opportunity of studying abroad, I think I’ll actively apply for it.

24.Should you study more theory or do more practice?Give your reasons ,please。

Both. I don’t think one is more important than another; I’ll choose study theory as well as do practice. Because I need theory to guide my practice and also I need to do practice to prove the theory I applied are correct and effective.

25.What do you intend to do after you finish studying?

I'm going to practice the knowledge I have learned and want to contribute to the state and society.

26.How serious is unemployment among young people and what will you do if you can not find a job after graduation?

According to news reports, the condition of youth unemployment is very serious now; many of my classmates can’t find a satisfied job. If I cannot find a job after graduation, maybe I’ll concern about starting my own business and to be self-employed.My father used to be a jeweler.

http://27.In your opinion, what are the most serious problems associated with modern life?

Health.more and more young people are dying of overwork or the cancer.

28.What do you think have been the most important changes in your study field over the past 5 years?

Nowadays, IT is constantly changing, I think the important changes is the health, more and more young people are dying of overwork.

29.How do you afford your tuition?

I rely on my family and my own earning for tuition.

30.Does your family support your decision on studying?What help do they offer?

Yes, of course. They support me mentally and offer me tuition help.