1.Where do you come from?

I come from Shanxi Province.

2.What kind of landscape surrounds your hometown?

There are a lot of sight spots in Shanxi ,including the human landscape and natural landscape.Such as The Ancient City of Ping Yao, Mount Wutai ,The Qiao's Family Compound ,and so on.The people in Shanxi are very hardworking and friendly. Shanxi, which is in central China. And I lived in the Loess Plateau. Shanxi is famous for its coal,its Ancient Architecture and its vinegar and Shanxi merchants.

3.What do you do during the Spring Festival?

Most of the time, I just stay at home,sometimes I went out with my parents to visit my relatives and talked with them about my life and study. And on New Year's Eve I have a special family dinner. we eat dumplings,watch the Spring Festival Gala.

4.Tell me something about the customs of your hometown.

We attach great importance to some traditional festivals, such as we will go to worship ancestor in the Qing Ming Festival, in the Mid-Autumn Festival we often have to eat the mooncake.

5.Could you tell me something about your family?

There are four members in my family ,my parents, my older sister and me. my parents are both the public functionary. I hope they are healthy and happy in the future. I will work hard to make my parents spend a good life in old age.I am also married...I got married 2 years

6.What social responsibilities should a post-graduate take?

I think a postgraduate should shoulder more responsibilities than other citizens, such as forming a good scholar image for our society and working out useful research results.

7.Which kind of professor do you like best?

I think the best professor would be someone who is both good in personality and learning and who can guide me not only in how to do research but also in how to be an excellent people.

8.What does friendship mean to you and what kind of people do you make friend with?

Friendship means a lot to me; it’s not only a part of my life but is an important part. Friends will always encourage me when I feel upset and give me useful tips. I usually make friends with people who have the similar hobbies or characteristics with me.

I think friendship is an essential part of life. Friendship means support and trust, friendship makes us not alone. I would choose the straightforward, sincere and happy people to be my friends.

9.What is your major?How do you like your major?

My major is computer Science.Because I've always enjoyed working with computers,and I was always good at math and logic.

honestly , I don't like it very much, especially coding. But I still thanks for my major. Because it can help me open the door to new knowledge and work with others Anytime, anywhere.

10.When and where did you graduate?What qualifications have you obtained?

I graduated from XX in June 2013

I received a bachelor degree in engineering

11.What impressed you most when you were at university?

The experience that most impressed me was the time when I was invited to give a lecture on welcome new arrivals. I was so nervous, but after some time, I became calm and gave my lecture successfully. That was the first time I gave a lesson to a large amount of people and I learned a lot and felt a sense of accomplishment.

12.What is the best university in your opinion?

I think every university has its own advantages. I think the best university is university in which students can improve themselves most and acquire a large amount of knowledge.

13.Do you think the subjects you are studying today are relevant to present-day society?Why?

Of course, Nowadays, we are living in an information society in which communication network has become an essential part of our life, working, learning and so on.

14.What do you do for a living?

In the past six years I have been working in healthcare Information Technology industry and I was a project manager.

15.What are your job prospects?

My job prospects are very good, and my work can learn a lot of things.and healthcare Information Technology industry is in need to everyone.